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Domestic and International Recruitment

We offer the wide range of Recruitment and Placement services that are innovative, dynamic, spirited and responsive to current employment needs and workplace practices. Our team is an experienced one that has to provide recruitment & placement services to a Catholic client base ranging from different industries, from junior-level to top-level positions & across different functions.

    Major Points to Remember:

  • Candidates may have any degree.

  • Service Processing time would be 90-110 Days.

  • Communication is mandatory for each and every candidate.

  • Should have Valid Passport, Resume.

  • Accommodations will be free for Flight, Food etc..,

  • Service Charges Applicable


    Here the Domestic Jobs will be within India. Most domestic Jobs are from the marginalized sections of society and a large number of them are migrant workers.


    We offer International job placement consultancy support to our clients. We constantly update the database that allows us to offer the best candidates for a right job. We have with us extensive experience in utilizing our expertise as well as professional recruitment principles to find the best possible placement solutions for our clients. We also hold expertise in providing comprehensive HR services as well as recruitment solution support for maximizing clients.

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