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Adobe InDesign

A page design and layout solution, Adobe InDesign CC is used predominantly in the creation, preflighting and publication of documents for both print and digital media. It is a desktop publishing software that can be used to design posters, brochures, stationery, flyers, annual reports and magazines, among many other projects. You can also create eBooks, interactive PDFs and digital magazines using the platform.

    Lesson 1: Introduction to Adobe InDesign CS6
    Lesson 2: Creating and Viewing Documents
    Lesson 3: Understanding Your Workspace
    Lesson 4: Pages
    Lesson 5: Working with Type
    Lesson 6: Working with Graphics
    Lesson 7: Formatting Objects
    Lesson 8: Working with Color
    Lesson 9: Points and Paths
    Lesson 10: Managing and Transforming Objects
    Lesson 11: Character and Paragraph Formatting
    Lesson 12: Using Styles
    Lesson 13: Tables
    Lesson 14: Long and Interactive Documents
    Lesson 15: Packaging and Printing

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